Daughter to a chef and a florist, I grew up surrounded by the creative process. Instilled at a young age, I’ve never lost touch with my artistic side.

Upon establishing a passion of my own in holistic nutrition, it was only natural that I combine my dad’s passion for cooking with my mom’s passion for floral arranging, and apply them to healthy foods, thus creating healthy food art…

Hi there! I’m Mercedes.

I’m an Actuarial analyst for a living.

In my side hustle, I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, recipe developer, food stylist & photographer, wellness blogger, environmental/non-toxic/real food enthusiast, and a Farmers Market Art fine art print entrepreneur.


What you can expect to see on my blog:

  • Healthy Recipes developed, styled, & photographed by me
  • Reviews of anything within the realm of holistic nutrition/non-toxic/eco-friendly/health&wellness products, brands, and foods
  • My Journey to transition to a more nontoxic lifestyle
  • General Wellness topics
  • Farmers Market Art 

What I’m about:

  • Anti-diet philosophy
  • Body positive movement
  • Stopping the stigma associated with mental illnesses
  • Transitioning to a non-toxic lifestyle
  • Reducing my carbon footprint
  • Merging functional medicine with western medicine
  • More generally: spreading good vibes, being a good person, and honoring nature.

Challenges that have shaped my manifesto:

  • ADHD – I have adult ADHD. I am prescribed medication, but hope someday to be able to manage my symptoms entirely medication-free.
  • Eating disorder – I have a history with an eating disorder. Overcoming this has probably been the biggest challenge I’ve been faced with in life so far. My recovery is the thing I am most proud of and most thankful for, because without it, I wouldn’t be here. This experience makes me want to help others get better if they’re going through what I went through, or ideally, prevent others from ever going through what I went through. I think the anti-diet philosophy and body positive movement are vital to both eating disorder recovery and preventing eating disorders from happening in the first place.
  • Family history of depression – I have a family history of depression. Most notably, my mom was hospitalized with depression for 2 years while I was in college. This is ultimately what taught me the importance of taking care of your mental health. It sparked a passion in me for psychology. I picked up a minor in psychology, and began reading tons and tons of books about it outside of class. I still love reading psychology and self-help books.
  • Miscarriage – my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in August 2017. I decided to be public about my miscarriage for several reasons: 1) talking about it helped me heal and cope 2) fight the stigma 3) to be real and not pretend life is always perfect.

More About Me:

  • I live in Manhattan with my husband and our rescue dog, Bo!
  • Math is my first passion. Pursuing a career in actuarial science has allowed me to put my math skills to use and taught me to analyze past data to predict the future. I hope someday to be able to apply my analytical skills to nutrition & psychology.
  • I’m originally from a very small town in Pennsylvania called Pottsville. Growing up in such a small town and then moving to such a big city has taught me to really value authenticity. I pride myself on being genuine, even when it might not be favorable.  And I believe in sharing truth or nothing at all.