Wave started cloth diapers at age 12 days! We waited to start them in part because of our unplanned stay at the hospital, waiting for the umbilical cord to fall off, and because we were overwhelmed and wanted to ease into things.

The transition was both easy and difficult. Looking back, it wasn’t that hard. Just new. And different. But also so similar! 😂 The biggest difference we noticed right away was that Waverly became uncomfortable immediately when she wet her diaper. So we had to change her sooner than with disposables. Disposables are moisture-wicking and made to feel dry. This has both pros and cons (that we’ll get to another day maybe, or maybe not).

The 2nd biggest difference was laundry! This is arguably he most intimidating part of cloth diapering.

Overall, the pros of cloth greatly outweigh the cons! It’s better for the environment (disposables take 400 years to decompose!), financially less expensive than disposables (upfront cost of $500 or so for the diapers, but then you can use them for years and even for future kids, whereas disposables cost $1,000+ PER YEAR), they’re more comfortable for the baby (although they are more bulky so that might be a strike against comfort 🤔), they come in cuter patterns than disposables IMO, AANND they work better and help prevent diaper rash!!!

Back to laundry, it hasn’t been that bad. Currently doing diaper laundry every 1-2 days. They can sit for up to 3 days, but Wave has been filling up her diaper pale so quickly that we’ve been having to do laundry more frequently.

We do: 1 hot heavy duty cycle with detergent (We use a nontoxic unscented brand), then 1 cold normal cycle with no detergent (this is a rinse to make sure all detergent is out of the diapers). Then we dry. Some types need to be line dried and some can be machine dried. So we do both depending on which type. And we use all different types of cloth diapers.

So far, our favorite type of cloth diaper to use is just the prefold cloth diaper (commonly used as burp cloths) with a waterproof cover. This has been great while Wave is little and some of the all-in-ones don’t quite fit well yet.

We’ve started using all-in-ones occasionally also. These are more similar to disposables in their convenience and moisture-wicking.

Okay, this seems like a pretty good general overview for now. Happy to share more details in future posts. Would love to hear questions if you have any!

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