It’s all becoming very real now! A lot has happened in weeks 28-34. We finished up our childbirth education classes, we had our baby shower, maternity photos, and REALLY started getting the baby room ready. We need to have our apartment totally ready for our homebirth by week 36 for our 36-week appointment, which both our midwife and doula will come to our apartment for.  So that means we’ve also ordered our birth tub and other supplies! As our apartment still has residual clutter and general “things not having a home yet”, we are really feeling the pressure to get everything ready and getting a lot done.

Some things happening to mama:

  • My bump has grown quite a bit!
  • I’m becoming a morning person! Well, for me atleast. Not sure if waking up at 7AM is considered early and unusual for most people.
  • Nesting is real. Yep. definitely nesting away all day everyday.
  • Occasional nerve pain in my legs. This is a weird symptom I’ve been experiencing on occasion, but I’ve talked to other mamas who have also had the same thing. It’s caused by baby’s position.
  • Craving DARK chocolate icecream. NEEDS to be dark.
  • Baby is right on my bladder, so I constantly feel like I need to pee even when I don’t.
  • Feeling baby move so often now – even when I’m walking!
  • My feet have grown a bit. I usually wear sneakers, so I didn’t notice until trying on strappy shoes for our baby shower & maternity photos.
  • My appetite changes day to day. Baby is taking up so much room now that sometimes I don’t have much of an appetite at all! I’ve found digestion to be slightly uncomfortable these days. But some days I can eat and eat! I just continue to listen to my body each day and don’t track anything.
  • Tried prunes for the first time last night! My husband prepared them for me as practice for when he’ll be making them for me postpartum to help with my first poop after baby (sorry for TMI!). We bought dried organic prunes from Whole Foods bulk section. He stewed them, and then I drank the liquid and ate a couple prunes whole. We stored the rest in the fridge. They are actually super delicious! somewhere between a fig and a date.
  • I continue to walk 10K+ steps per day. At this point, my body changes so much from week to week that I’m afraid if I cut down on activity for just a few days, I might not be physically able to do it again by the time I try again. Still, I listen to my body and some days I don’t get anywhere near 10K steps. I probably get to 10K about 5 days a week.
  • Continuing to go to prenatal yoga once a week. This helps sooo much with the usual aches and pains of pregnancy. And keeps me in a good mental place.
  • In addition to supplies and ingredients for during labor, we’ve been stocking up on goods for postpartum!

This bullet list fashion seems to be an easy way for me to track what

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