DIY BATH SOAK SHOWER FAVORS ✨🌙 I loooved making these and gifting them! And it’s so easy! The benefits of the soak include easing sore muscles, relieving stress, recharging, promoting loving feelings, and practicing self-love.

{makes 24 4oz jars}

5 lbs Epsom salts (~9-10 cups)

1/2 lb course pink Himalayan salt (~1 cup)

1/2 cup dried lavender

1 cup dried calendula flowers

1 cup dried rose flowers

4 oz jars & lids were bought from

All ingredients were bought from Mountain Rose Herbs, except for the lavender which I’ve had for awhile and don’t remember where I picked up. (Flowers used are all food grade!)

All you do is combine all ingredients then divide into jars! Each cup held a little over 1/2 cup of the bath soak mixture.

I bought sticker paper from Staples. Cut into circles & wrote on by hand. Was a little worried this would look bad, but it worked out!

My sister printed little instructions & ingredients on card stock to go with each favor. ☺️✨

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