I haven’t made a pregnancy post in awhile, and now that I’m in 3rd trimester, I felt like this might be a good time to track some things that it might be nice to look back on. I will share some of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the last 16 weeks and some of the highs of this pregnancy.

Second trimester was amazing. It went so fast. I practiced prenatal yoga regularly, and walked over 10,000 steps nearly every day. I could move around like my usual self. Some discomforts I experienced in 2nd trimester were constipation, and sore feet (caused by overuse and not the best shoes after 10 mile walks multiple days in a row.) Constipation continued to ail me for quite some weeks, and I will talk about what finally helped below. Sore feet were remedied by taking a couple days to rest, and then wearing better shoes.

Overall, this has been a very healthy pregnancy so far and I am so grateful for that. As many of you know, we are planning a home birth, and a healthy pregnancy is a very important criteria for that. Because I have hashimotos, I’ve been getting my thyroid tested every 8 weeks now (it started as 4 weeks and then 6 in the beginning of pregnancy, but since it has been consistently in the ideal range, I get it checked less frequently now), and it has been consistently in the ideal range. I will get blood tested again on Monday to check thyroid levels and to also get a few other things tested. I’ve been medication-free this entire pregnancy and am very proud of that!

It seems like most of my ailments, none which have been serious, have been able to be remedied. Per my midwife’s recommendation, I started adding fresh lemon to my water every day and that helped with my constipation immensely. Everyone says, “drink water and eat lots of fiber.” Well, let me tell you. I do tons of both. And I still had constipation. If anything, the bulk I was creating with all the fiber made it even harder to poop. Your digestion is slowed down for many reasons during pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone progesterone slows it down, and this helps baby absorb more of the nutrients from what you’re eating. Not to mention the fact that my growing uterus is constantly putting pressure on my rectum. There is not much room down there. Something about the lemon in water really helps the water be absorbed better, making the poop softer and easier to come out. End poop rant.

I am very proud to say I made it through the winter without catching a cold or flu! I did, however, catch a 36-hour stomach bug around week 20 which left me throwing up all night long and fell upon very unfortunate timing because I had to miss my sister-in-law’s baby shower the next day while recovering and rehydrating. But overall I’m so proud and grateful for how well my immune system performed this winter and throughout this entire pregnancy so far, especially with my doubly “week” immune system from pregnancy + Hashimotos. I kept myself healthy by:

  1. keeping stress as low as possible
  2. listening to my body (ie resting when I felt tired!)
  3. vitamin D daily
  4. eating lots of fruit and Manuka Honey
  5. carrying around an all-natural anti-bacterial hand spray that I put on before eating and after touching anything germy.

We moved in the middle/end of my second trimester and that seemed to really speed up time. Everything was chaotic for a bit, and my normal weekly rituals, as far as tracking my pregnancy goes, were out of wack (ie. updating the letter board and weekly pictures). Moving, though very exciting, was weird for me this time because I felt like I couldn’t participate in a lot. I couldn’t carry much, and I also have to be very careful about reaching (it’s very easy to over-stretch during pregnancy and hurt yourself, because again: pregnancy hormones.)

Now that I’m in third trimester, I still feel really great. I am currently 29 weeks! I can’t believe tomorrow is April, and June will be here so soon. I had a pregnancy gingivitis flare up last week and am still coping with that. This is one of the strange symptoms of pregnancy. Oh, and I’ve also had pregnancy congestion for awhile, especially in the mornings. It doesn’t interrupt my sleep, so I don’t mind it. Speaking of sleep, now that I’m in third trimester my sleep patterns are more similarly mimicking those of first trimester. AKA I’m sleeping A LOT more. To manage pregnancy gingivitis, I’m flossing twice a day, oil pulling every day, and my midwife recommended a special mouthwash which I just started using. It’s mostly the roof of my mouth that is swollen now, so I’ve been wearing my mouth guard to bed to prevent making it worse while sleeping. I’ve also been experiencing itchy skin at night. Similar to constipation, I do everything right that you think would prevent itchy skin: I shower infrequently, drink water, and use non-irritating oils and butters on my skin. I’ve also had a mysterious rash show up on my cheek/sides of my thighs. So my midwife wants me to get my bile acids tested to make sure it’s not liver/gallbladder related. So that is another thing I will get tested for on Monday. If it ends up that they are elevated, I will see a homeopath on how to manage. I will also be getting my iron levels tested, just to check them since they are so important during this time and after the baby is born.

I was having serious trouble sleeping on my side, even with a pregnancy pillow. But my midwife gave me a tip last week that has seemed to totally cure my sleep problem. (Anyone who might not be familiar, sleeping on your left side is ideal during pregnancy after about week 20. This increases the amount of blood and nutrients that can get to your placenta and baby. Sleeping on your back can put too much pressure on these important blood vessels.)

We started getting the nursery ready this week, which is very exciting! We are doing a moon theme for our rainbow moon baby. 🙂 The moon has been very symbolic for us this pregnancy, and since our miscarriage in August 2017. The room is 5 ft x 7 ft. Small, but enough.

We started childbirth education classes a few weeks ago. They are 3 hour classes once a week for EIGHT WEEKS! It’s the most time-consuming of all the childbirth education options out there, I believe. There are five other couples in our class also doing home births, and our instructor is good friends with our midwife, so those are really nice. The class is focused on the Bradley Method, which is a method that focuses on the partner as the coach. I love watching Teddy get more involved with the birth and take a lead on labor. It’s very empowering and bonding as a couple to work together on this amazing task of bringing this life we made together into the world. We are honestly excited for labor! It’s going to be awesome. Challenging, but awesome. We have such a great team (oh, we also hired our doula!), and have been surrounding ourselves with knowledge, positivity, practice, and preparation. And also practicing (me, more so specifically) surrendering and letting things happen as they may.

I’ve gained about 18 lbs so far which is right in the “normal” range. I track my weight weekly on my own accord out of curiosity, but everyone and every pregnancy is so different. I put “normal” in quotes because there is no normal.

Cravings: shrimp. caramel popcorn. Eggs.


Feeling the baby kicks is the most amazing thing. I felt light flutters for the first time the night before I was 17 weeks. Now I can make out where certain body parts are! At our midwife appointment last week, baby was head down (our midwife can tell just by feeling!) Hearing the baby’s heart beat at our appointments never gets old!

We went on a babymoon the first weekend in March to California. It was such a nice getaway with Teddy, gave us time to focus on each other, and really made the pregnancy feel more real.

Our neice was born last weekend! Baby Tallulah and her amazing parents are healthy and happy. Seeing them while being 7 months pregnancy has been a surreal experience and has really made our pregnancy feel even more real.

That’s it for now! xox


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