Chia pudding is an excellent breakfast or snack choice. The fiber and protein fill you up and keep you feeling full. This recipe in particular comes with even more superfood perks! MCT oils in the coconut milk to fuel your brain, immunity-benefits from the manuka honey, anti-aging benefits from the cacao powder, fiber from the chia seeds, and protein and omega-3’s from the walnuts.

PLUS even more fiber and protein from the secret ingredient that also adds MAJOR gut-healthy probiotic benefits: black fermented soy beans (Natto) by Nyture! Natto is a nutritional powerhouse. It is the most concentrated food source of Vitamin K2, which is important for calcium absorption. Only two ingredients: non-gmo soybeans, and live Bacillus subtilis culture. B. subtilis is a bacterial species not found in other probiotic foods; it is important to human gut health and promotes the growth of other beneficial microbes while inhibiting potentially harmful microbes. The black bean variety have a delicious chocolatey/coffee-like flavor that complements this recipe perfectly! For more information, check out this long and impressive list of the health benefits of Natto! To buy, reach out to the email address mentioned at this link:

For this recipe, I used organic chia seeds and organic cacao powder from Better Body Foods. They gave me a discount code to offer you: ‘mercedes’ for 10% off. Check out their site! Lots of good superfoods and all organic.



  1. Add all ingredients (except walnuts or choices for toppings) into blender and blend together until chia seeds are ground. About 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Pour into glass jars with lids and store in the refrigerator overnight.
  3. Enjoy! Perfect breakfast or anytime snack.



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