Winter is upon us, and for many, that can mean suffering with dry, itchy skin. I used to suffer from dry skin, but no longer, so today I am sharing my tips that helped me overcome my dry skin issues all year long.

We all hear that hydration is important, and yes, if you’re dehydrated that probably would not help your dry skin. But personally, I have not found any correlation between my skin and the amount of water I drink. Maybe because I’m usually always pretty hydrated. So yes, stay hydrated by drinking pure, clean water (no flavored drinks with added sugars or chemicals), but at some point the benefits for skin level off. AKA no need to go overboard.

Personally I’ve found the rest of these tips to be much more important in preventing dry skin.

Top things to keep in mind: water temperature while showering, frequency of showering, type of soap, type of moisturizer and WHEN you’re moisturizing.

  1. Water temperature: Keep it lukewarm. Nothing feels better than a hot shower on a cold day, but resist and your skin will thank you for it.
  2. Type of soap while showering: you want to find a mild, nontoxic, moisturizing soap. Look for something with a handful of ingredients or less. Lean towards unscented. Look for ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or other moisturizing fats. Avoid irritating ingredients or suspicious ingredients like “natural flavors”. I like Dr. Bronner’s unscented soap in bar or bottle form. My favorite soap is these mild scented bars found at our local Whole Foods. They’re made locally and not really a namebrand, but you should be able to find other good soaps there, too.
  3. Moisturize immediately after showering, before towel-drying. This locks in the moisture.
  4. Type of moisturizer: For lotion, I’ve found it really important to use something UNSCENTED. Scented lotions can irritate our skin without us knowing. And when looking for something nontoxic, it can be easier to choose an oil, which are also proven to be more effective at locking in moisture. Don’t worry, it won’t make your skin oily! Just give it a minute to absorb into your skin before getting dressed.  I currently use organic sesame oil from Mountain Rose Herbs on my body immediately after showering and this does the trick! On my face, I use chia oil from CocoKind Skincare
  5. Frequency of showering. If you shower multiple times a day, this could be causing your dry skin. Try every other day, or even just twice a week if you don’t sweat a lot. If you’re eating a clean diet and don’t sweat often, you won’t smell from showering twice a week.

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