fullsizeoutput_1ab1Have you ever thought about making your own peanut butter? Maybe you already do and you know you’ll never go back to store-bought.

Making your own peanut butter is a great idea for several reasons. One benefit is it saves you money. You can make a $10 jar of quality peanut butter with less than $4 of peanuts.

The second major benefit is that you can make sure your peanut butter doesn’t have any added weird stuff, like sugar, salt, or oils. You literally only need ONE ingredient: peanuts.

fullsizeoutput_1ab9fullsizeoutput_1ab4AND it’s simple to make.

Sometimes, it might seem like you need to add an oil to reach the peanut buttery consistency you want. If you keep at it, it will eventually reach the consistency you want without any add-ins as the nuts naturally release their own oils. BUT if you’re in a rush or just impatient (aren’t we all sometimes), you can simply add a little bit of coconut oil.

It took about 30 oz of peanuts to make approximately 16 oz of peanut butter btw. But you can make any amount of peanut butter you want with however many nuts you have! I use organic dry roasted peanuts from Whole Foods bulk section. If you do NOT buy in bulk, just make sure the only ingredient is peanuts – no added oils or salt. I actually fell for this recently myself and had been making peanut butter with peanuts in palm oil (cry face).


  • Peanuts (yup, that’s it!)


  • High-speed blender
  • air-tight jar to store peanut butter in (I like to reuse old glass peanut butter jars)


  1. Just blend or pulse the peanuts until they reach the consistency you want. It’s really that simple!


My dog LOVES when I make peanut butter btw.


Enjoy! xoxo


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