Calling all Fall-obsessed pumpkin-flavored-everything lovers: this recipe is your new best friend! And it’s far from basic.




Is there anything better than the fragrant aroma of freshly toasted pecans?

That PLUS pumpkin pie spice.

If only there was a way to bottle up this epic flavor combo in a way that could be conveniently used in everyday life and even be easy to travel with so you could enjoy on-the-go.. A-Ha!

Fall-lovers meet your new best friend: Pumpkin Pie Spice Pecan Butter!



This recipe is not only incredibly delicious, it’s also incredibly simple to make.

Eat by itself by the spoonful, add to apples for an epic quick snack, enjoy on toast, drizzle over sweet potato (omg brb while I go do this), add to smoothies, yogurt, desserts, anywhere your heart desires! The sky is the limit.

Impress your guests. They won’t even know it took you less than 10 minutes.


(If ordered through these links, I will receive a small portion of the sale.)


  1. Lightly toast pecans in cast iron skillet, about 5 mins, stirring continuously. Let cool.
  2. Add pecans to food processor and blend until liquid smooth consistency is reached. This step only took me about 2-3 minutes in my Cuisinart food processor.
  3. Add pumpkin pie spice and sea salt. Pulse until all are blended together.
  4. Pour into airtight container with lid (I like to reuse glass jars from store-bought nut butters for this) and store in the fridge.
  5. enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚







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