Matcha Matcha Matcha (in Jan Brady voice)

This matcha latte recipe is a 3-for-1 deal: THREE matcha latte recipes of varying complexity.

  • Recipe #1: Matcha latte

  • Recipe #2: Bulletproof Matcha latte

  • Recipe #3: Bulletproof Matcha latte with alll the bells & whistles 

If you’re new to matcha, recipe #1 is for you.

If you’re a regular matcha consumer but haven’t tried bulletproof matcha yet, recipe #2 is for you.

If you’re my-whole-pay-check-goes-to-food-wellness-obsessed, recipe #3 is for you.

So here’s why there are three versions.


I thought it would be fun (or demoralizing) to add up the total cost estimate of ingredients in the most extravagant (albeit, DREAMY AF) matcha latte recipe (recipe #3). Ingredients pictured above.


Any guesses? 


Guess fast because I’m about to tell you!



Are you sure you’re ready to hear this?








Obviously I do not expect, nor want, you to go out and spend $400 on ingredients. You can create equally delicious lattes with as little or as many extravagant ingredients as you want or happen have on hand — no need to go out and spend a fortune if you don’t already have them. In fact, there is only one purchase I’d recommend for this recipe, and that is investing in a good quality matcha.


The matcha brand I’m hooked on at the moment is House of Matcha

Well+Good wrote a great reference article called, “Are You Drinking The Right Kind of Matcha?” I found it very helpful in choosing which matcha to buy. You can check out the article here.

A few points on that $400 price tag:

  • MANY OF THE INGREDIENTS ARE OPTIONAL. They’re my jam, but maybe the’re not yours.
  • Per serving, the cost is considerably less. Many of these items are used in very small doses at a time and will last several months.
  • You pay for what you get. These ingredients are of the highest quality and provide the most health benefits.
  • Initial cost estimates of total ingredients for all 3 recipes:
    • recipe #1: less than $40 (high quality matcha + plant-based milk)
    • recipe #2: about $70
    • recipe #3: The sky is the limit.

If you’re like me, you probably already have a lot of the ingredients in recipe #3 on hand, and already incorporate them daily in all kinds of different recipes. If you’re totally new to all of these ingredients, I would NOT recommend buying all of these ingredients at once. Start with recipe #1 or #2, and if you want to branch out into adaptogens, collagen, and other superfoods, build up your collection one at a time after doing your own research to decide what’s best FOR YOU. If you’re going to spend big bucks, make sure you’re buying the products best catered to YOU.

Below I talk more about the health benefits of the different recipes, and then we get to it!


btw, code ‘mercedes’ will get ya 10% off if interested. That’s where my maca is from. 

Recipe #1: Matcha Latte

Two ingredients is all you need to zen out on a creamy delicious matcha latte.

Recipe #2: Bulletproof Matcha Latte

If you’re not familiar with “Bulletproof”, it is a term invented by Dave Asprey. It basically means something has added healthy fats. Bulletproof coffee is the most well-known application, but you can make bulletproof anything by adding healthy fats to it(usually mct oil, brain octane oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, or ghee.) Bulletproof matcha lattes and bulletproof turmeric lattes have been gaining popularity of late.

The combination of healthy fats + coffee (or in this case, high quality matcha green tea) comes with loads of benefits. Once blended, the most delicious creamy texture is created. The healthy fats help your body convert energy more efficiently, prevent caffeine jitters (but matcha is known to already be jitter-free, one of its perks over coffee) and prevent that awful caffeine crash. It also keeps you feeling full and satisfied longer so you’ll be less-likely to crave snacks between meals and you’ll be less likely to experience hanger throughout the day, and you’ll be better able to focus!

Recipe #3: Bulletproof Matcha Latte with allll the bells & whistles

This recipe incorporates adaptogens, marine collagen, bee pollen, tocos, and maca.

If you’re in the my-whole-pay-check-goes-to-food-wellness-obsessed group, like myself, you probably already have a lot of these ingredients on hand and use them regularly.

If you’re new to all of these ingredients, but want to make something a step up from recipe #2, I’d recommend starting with one product from Sun Potion (Tocos, ashwagandha, or cordyceps), Vital Proteins collagen of your choice (I buy Marine Collagen because I’m pescatarian), and MajuSuperfoods Maca.

  • Sun Potion is an amazing brand worth getting to know. I encourage you to learn more about the magical medicinal properties of adaptions.  Tocos is one of the most affordable products from Sun Potion, and it’s seriously delicious. Starting with this will help you gain familiarity with the brand. While on their website, start browsing some of their other products and see what potions you might want to spend the big bucks on in the future (but think about it before you decide!) If you want to start with a potion, ashwagandha and cordyceps are two of the most common I see people use.
  • Collagen is the new “IT” protein-powder. It’s anti-aging and good for hair, skin, and nail health. I know you’ll love it! Vital Proteins is the best quality brand of collagen in the market that I know of.  The Marine Collagen powder I buy is tasteless and easy to add into anything. Vital Proteins sells a variety of different kinds. Head over to their page to see which might be best for you!
  • MajuSuperfoods Maca is one of the more affordable powders. Maca is one of the more well-known of the powders included in this recipe, and a great place to start if you’re new to powders. It has a pleasant nutty flavor, whereas many of the other powders do not have a pleasant taste and require skillful craftsmanship to hide.  I notice increased energy from maca almost immediately, and know many people who love it.  Plus, you can use code ‘mercedes’ for 10% off their site,


Now, are you ready for these seriously delicious seriously good-for-you matcha latte recipes? Or should I say, seriously indulgent while also still seriously good-for-you bulletproof matcha latte recipes? Recipe #3 is sure to leave you wondering, “Can I eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, please?” To which my reply would be not too far from “yes!”

Recipe #1: Matcha Latte


  • 8 oz hot water + 1 TBSP oats (or your choice of plant-based milk)
  • 1 tsp Matcha powder

Recipe #2: Bulletproof Matcha Latte



Recipe #3: Bulletproof Matcha Latte with allll the bells & whistles



Directions (for all three recipes):

  1. Add ingredients to Vitamix, or other blender, and blend until frothy and smooth!
  2. Serve, sip, and enjoy your time in Matcha-cha-cha Heaven 🙂



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