I love subscription boxes! They’re like surprise gifts to yourself on a regular basis – #treatyoself approved. I actually just counted and I’ve tried 15 different subscription boxes in my lifetime already! So I guess I’m kind of a pro, or just have no self control. Either way, I have a lot to say about subscription boxes!

Today I will be talking about Vegan Cuts. Vegan Cuts is a vegan subscription box service that offers three different kinds of vegan subscription box options: snack, beauty, and makeup. I will be reviewing the snack box option only.

The snack box comes with 10 or more vegan goodies delivered to your door once a month. The cost of the box is $22.95 per month, with discounts available for paying 6- or 12- months upfront.

Before we get started, there is something I would like to clear up. There is a common misconception that “vegan” is synonymous with “healthy” but that is not necessarily the case. There are plenty of ways to be an unhealthy vegan.

  • Often times, vegan food– especially when trying to be something it’s not, like imitation meat, seafood, or dairy – is filled with highly processed ingredients.
  • Vegan cupcakes, donuts, cookies, etc. can be just as unhealthy, if not more so, than regular cupcakes, donuts, cookies, etc. Oreos are vegan. Nuff said.
  • Corn, gluten, and soy are all vegan but many people have allergies to them

That said, I still enjoy trying vegan foods even when they are unhealthy because, at the very least, they are interesting and innovative and support animal rights. I like supporting things that are for a good cause, and vegan brands usually deliver on this in more ways than one, often standing up for more than just animal rights.

So when I found out Vegan Cuts was going to send me one of their snack subscription boxes to try, I was really excited to try it! But I wasn’t expecting the goodies inside to be the “healthy” kinds of vegan snacks. I was expecting the box to be filled with highly processed vegan snacks laden with saturated fats and GMOs. Needless-to-say, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my Vegan Cuts box and the first item I saw said “Turmeric”(!!!)

Upon reading ingredient list after ingredient list, I became more and more impressed by the clean ingredients of the products included in the Vegan Cuts snack box. Not only was the box filled with a fun selection of yummy innovative vegan snacks, many of the snacks were shockingly clean and filled with REAL food!

What Came in My Box: Each month has different snacks, so I won’t go in to TOO much detail about each of the snacks in MY box, and instead will try to provide the tidbits about each snack that I think are important indicators of the types of brands/snacks you can always expect to receive in your Vegan Cuts subscription box in general.

I will list the brand (clickable to each brand’s website), snack item & size included, some of the cool socially responsible things about the brand, and estimated price value of item included. All are vegan obviously, so I will omit that.


  1. Soylent – 1 bottle = 1 meal; 414mL
    1. I’ve been wanting to try Soylent for a long time, so I was stoked to see this in my Vegan Cuts box!
    2. These are available in orders of 12+ bottles on their website, starting at $32.30 with a monthly subscription ($32.30/12 =$2.69 per bottle)
    3. img_7689img_7690img_7691
  2. Neat Foods – Original Mix Healthy Replacement for Meat; 5.5 oz / 156G
    1.  gluten-free, Non-GMO, Kosher
    2. I was possibly more excited about the Neat Meat than any other item in the box, because it’s one of the realest fake meats I’ve ever seen – real as in all the ingredients are totally clean. Amazing!
    3. Available for $5.99 on Amazon.com
    4. img_7676img_7680
  3. Spiced & Infused – 1 bag Chipotle Taco Popcorn; 1.1 oz (31g)
    1. gluten-free, Non-GMO,
    2. Portion of Profits to Charity
    3. 12 small bags for $14.99 ($14.99/12 = $1.25)
    4. img_7692img_7693
  4. Emmy’s Organics – 1 dark cacao organic coconut cookie; 0.67 oz (19g)
    1. B Corp, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free,  Kosher
    2. A 3-pack of these is usually sold for $2.99, so I’m estimating 1 at $1.00.
    3. img_7687img_7688
  5. No Whey Chocolate – 1 bag Pretzel No No’s 1.63 oz (46g)
    1. gluten-free, kosher, free of all big eight common allergies including milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy
    2. I really like how they’re colored with spirulina and vegetable juice!
    3. $7.95 for a pack of 3 on their website ($7.95/3 = $2.65)
    4. img_7684img_7685
  6. Ultima – 1 packet Lemonade flavor electrolyte powder; 0.12 oz (3.5g)
    1. Autism-approved, Pending certifications for non-GMO and gluten-free
    2. Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Chloride, Sodium, Magnesium
    3. Available on Amazon for about $10 for a pack of 10 ($10/10 = $1)
    4. img_7696img_7697
  7. Unreal – 1 dark chocolate almond butter cup; 0.5 oz (15g)
    1. non-GMO, gluten-free, fair-trade certified ingredients
    2. 3 bags with 8 cups per bag goes for $29.97 on their website( $29.97/24 = $1.25)
    3. img_7694img_7695
  8. Gorilly Goods – 1 bag of the original fruit & nut; 1.7 oz (49g)
    1. organic, gluten-free, raw, non-GMO,
    2. Powered by 100% renewable energy
    3. 2% of profits go to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Helping people save gorillas
    4. Goes for $29.88 for a box of 12 on their website ($29.88/12= $2.49)
    5. img_7681img_7682
  9. Vegan Robs– 1 bag Turmeric Chips Supergrain Mini Waves; 1.5oz (43g)
    1. gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher
    2. Algae protein, crispy pumpkin, totally clean ingredient list!
    3. Available on their website for $14 for 8 bags ($14/8 = $1.75)
    4. img_7672img_7693-1
  10. Keep Healthy Inc – Fruitkies Chocolate Covered Cherries; 1.6oz (45g)
    1. gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, peanut-free
    2. Their website states sold individually for $1.99
    3. img_7698img_7699
  11. Our Little Rebellion – 1 bag Carnival Kettle Popcorners; 0.1 oz (28g)
    1. gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher
    2. peanut & tree nut free
    3. $35 for 40 .1 oz bags on their website ($35/40 = $0.88)
    4. img_7674img_7675


I’ve rated the subscription box in five categories I think are the most important to a snack subscription box: discovering new brands (especially socially responsible brands), variety of snacks, ingredients of snacks, yumminess of snacks, and value deal of the box.

Discovering New Brands: I tend to prefer subscription boxes that include products from a variety of different brands over boxes with products from their own brand only. So I guess that means part of what I really enjoy about subscription boxes is discovering new brands. Vegan Cuts did not disappoint here. Of the 11 brands included in the box, I had only ever heard of three and tried two.

More specifically, discovering-new-brands-that-are-for-a-good-cause: As I mentioned earlier as part of why I like trying vegan products, I especially enjoy learning about vegan brands because they are often rooted in some kind of conscious mission. Their missions often expand even further than animal rights. It’s always uplifting to learn about people doing good things! Vegan Cuts, again, did not disappoint here. The brands included all kinds of things from autism-approved, B corps, donating portions of profits to charity, and powered by renewable energy. The back of Vegan Rob’s Turmeric Chips reads

“Love yourself, our planet, and all living things. Snack as clean and kind as possible.”

Variety of Snacks: I felt there was a good variety of different snacks included in the box. Savory, sweet, chocolate, GROUND FREAKIN’ BEEF (vegan, of course), electrolyte powder, and A DRINK THAT IS A FULL MEAL!

Ingredients Lists of Snacks: As I touched on above, I was pleasantly surprised by the clean ingredient lists of the products included in Vegan Cuts. They surpassed my wildest expectations here.

Yumminess of snacks: All of the snacks were quite tasty!

Value Deal: The other thing I look for in a good subscription box is a good deal. Part of the incentive to sign up for a subscription box is getting products worth more than what you pay for the box. The goods in this box added up to about $23. Which is about what the box costs. So this is my only criticism of Vegan Cuts!


New Brands: A

Variety: A

Healthy Ingredients: A

Yumminess: A

Value: C

Overall: B+


Overall, Vegan Cuts exceeded my wildest expectations! I would definitely recommend this box for vegans, vegan curious, or anyone who enjoys a good snack or discovering socially responsible brands! 🙂 I would NOT recommend this box for someone who is looking for a value deal in a subscription box.



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