I get this question quite often, “What is a superfood anways?” Which, to my surprise, I have a difficult time answering.

You see, there isn’t really a straight-forward definition for what exactly a superfood is, so it can be controversial, and one can kind of make up their own definition – it’s merky.

As such, I have made up my own definition, and being that superfoods are such a large part of my branding, I would like to share my definition of superfoods with you!

For the purpose of actually getting this done and published, I’m going to keep it brief and not list all the specific foods.

In its simplest form, a superfood is any nutrient-dense food, and I put higher priority on WHOLE PLANT-BASED FOODS. There are many expensive superfood potions and powders out there that yes, I too consider to be superfoods, including animal products, but I truly believe the most powerful and vital superfoods are the ones grown from the dirt and eaten as close to the source as possible (i.e., in their whole, unprocessed form.)

I believe their power can be perfectly summed up in the following quote by Ralph Waldo Emmerson,

“The creation of a thousand forrests is in one acorn.”

Of course, not all plants are created equal; some are more nutrient dense than others. For example, kale is MUCH MORE nutrient-dense than iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is kiiiiind of stretching it, but for the purpose of MY definition of what a superfood is, I guess technically I also consider iceberg lettuce to be a superfood.

You see, there are only so many measurable aspects of a plant that humans have been able to isolate and quantify. But I believe each plant contains more magical superpowers than are quantifiable, which is what gives them their superfood powers. And, I believe that animal products, powders, supplements, etc., do NOT contain that magical unquantifiable unknown, even if they are still considered superfoods.

The end.

Did I make you more confused than before we started? I think I may be, too.

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