After yesterday’s maple bourbon sweet potato casserole with vegan bacon, my husband was hesitant to bring the leftovers for lunch the next day because it didn’t “feel healthy” (which admittedly, vegan bacon & bourbon are not healthy.) So I made this super duper superfoods filled salad for him to pair it with to up the health ante. Success.

1 gala Apple

Apple cider vinegar 

Extra virgin olive oil

Brussels sprouts


2 handfuls Walnuts

Sprinkle of coconut flakes

Wash all produce

Massage kale with Apple cider vinegar for about 5 minutes. This is a very important step as it will break down some of the toughness in the kale and make it less bitter and easier/more pleasant to eat.

Add extra virgin olive oil and mix.

Chop the Apple, Brussels sprouts, romanesco and walnuts and toss them in.

Add the sprinkle of coconut flakes 

Mix, serve, and enjoy 🙂

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