I discovered this delicious butterfinger-tasting recipe by accident one night a few months ago and decided to recreate it for a blog post because its deiciousness is totally blog-worthy. Hope you enjoy this healthier way to get your butterfinger-fix! Pro tip: make in a reusable jar to bring with you for craving-satisfaction at the office or on-the-go.



1/2 cup plain yogurt (my original recipe used coconut milk yogurt, and this time I used cashew milk yogurt — you can use any kind, vegan or not)

1 TBS peanut butter or almond butter (Use peanut butter for a truer Butterfinger flavor, and almond butter for an even healthier twist)

2 TBS crumbled pecans

1 TBS Raw honey (I used manuka honey for added immunity boost!)

2 TBS oats

1 TBS chocolate chips

*optional energy boost bonus* 1TBS bee pollen



Stir together peanut butter or almond butter with yogurt

Add the rest of the ingredients


Enjoy 🙂

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