Full disclosure: I didn’t measure anything and this isn’t the most photogenic soup, but it turned out sooo delicious and is probably the healthiest soup I’ve ever eaten so despite these odds, I must share this recipe!

The healthiest most delicious soup ever.

This soup is an orange cornucopia of whole food plant based goodness – and also delicious! Feel free to leave out/ add ingredients wherever you feel the urge! So long as you’re using quality ingredients, your dish will be delicious no matter which way you combine them.

I really don’t think you need to measure anything for this recipe! Just use WHOLE foods and follow your instinct and taste-buds!



Golden beets (4-5 medium sized from local farmers market — I need to remember to ask them to keep the greens on next time I buy as they are also packed with nutrients!)

Orange cauliflower (1 head from local farmers market)

Sweet potatoes (2 medium sized variations from local farmers market)

Squash (1 medium-sized carnival squash from local farmers market)

Apple (1 large-sized apple from local farmers market – any variety of your choosing! I chose a sweet+tart green & red apple)

Chickpeas (1 can of organic chickpeas – I bought these from Whole Foods)

Clamshell mushrooms (1 package from Whole Foods produce section)

White onion (1/2 large white onion from local farmers market – I only used half because I need the other half for a different recipe tomorrow, feel free to use the whole onion!)

Red onion (1/2 medium-sized red onion from local farmers market – I only used half because I need the other half for a different recipe tomorrow, feel free to use the whole onion!)

Garlic (About 4 large cloves of garlic from local farmers market)

Turmeric root ( from local farmers market)

Ginger root (from local farmers market)

Brussels sprouts (from local farmers market) *optional green for added green-ness*

Peas (organic frozen peas from Whole Foods) *optional green for added sweetness*

Extra virgin olive oil

Pink Himalayan sea salt

Thai basil (handful of leaves/flowers from local farmers market)

Purple basil (handful of leaves from local farmers market)

Vegetable broth (I used 2 vegetable broth bouillons)

Black Pepper

Chili powder

Ground Coriander



Boil beets in a pot of water (just rinse with water and boil with peel still on plus at least 1 inch of greens to prevent color from bleeding in water). Boil for about 25 minutes or until tender with a fork. ****SAVE THE WATER THE BEETS WERE BOILED IN TO ADD TO SOUP BROTH LATER FOR EXTRA VITAMINS AND MINERALS.****

Remove beets from hot water once tender, rinse under cold water, and the peel and remained greens will slide right off now.

Puree in food processor with one apple.


In a LARGE pot, add extra virgin olive oil. However much you want, I usually just try to make sure the bottom surface area of the pot is completely covered-ish. Turn on stove to heat this up before adding first ingredient (onions+turmeric+ginger+garlic)

At this time I put on the kitchen timer for 2 hours and keep an eye on how long everything’s been cooking, relatively. (ie, take note how long EVOO has been heating up before adding first ingredient, how long first ingredients were cooking before adding the next, etc)


Just throw these guys in a food processor all at the same time and pulse until puréed! Add to pot with extra virgin olive oil and cook for about 5-10 mins


Add a generous amount of water to pot + any vegetable broth + the leftover water the beets were boiled in (see above.) I’m always very generous with adding water because I like to cook my soups really long to ensure the flavors all combine, so I keep in mind that a lot of the water will evaporate in the cooking process by the time the soup is done.

Add your pureed beets & apple to the pot


Cube these up as sloppily as you’d like. Add to pot. These will need the longest cooking time of all ingredients.


Drain liquid from one can of chickpeas and add to soup.


Preheat oven to 450F. Roast squash and cauliflower to your preference. I roasted cauliflower until it was lightly browned (about 25 mins). And roasted the squash until it was easy to cut (about 40 mins)

When the squash and cauliflower are roasted to preference, purée the squash in the food processor and then add that to the pot.

Cut the roasted cauliflower to preference and add to soup later.


Add spices, Thai basil leaves, purple basil leaves, mushrooms, Brussels and peas to soup.

Continue simmering for 1-2 hours to ensure all flavors are combined to perfection. 👌

This soup boasts:  Warming detox + anti-inflammatory + immune-boosting. High in vitamins A and C and sooo much more with all those orange plant based whole foods.

Golden Beets from the farmers market in their raw form before washing or cooking! Don’t worry, I took the ladybug outside and set it free.
Farmers Market ingredients
Boiling the golden beets!
Onions, turmeric root, and ginger root in the food processor
Sloppy chopping those sweet potatoes
Farmers market ingredients. Notice the beets after being boiled and peeled!
Golden beets on the cutting board after being boiled and peeled
Orange caulflower from the farmers market
carnival squash from the farmers market
Can of organic chickpeas
Soup ingredients all combined together and finalizing cooking to let those flavors soak into each other!
Served with Thai basil flowers and purple basil leaves for garnish

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