Hi there! I’m Mercedes. I’m an Actuarial analyst living and working in Manhattan. But in my other life(the one I will share with you here), I’m a superfoodie pursuing a certification in holistic nutrition. I experiment with healthy simple recipes, and create/photograph food art to show you how beautiful, fun and easy healthy eating can be. I’m not trained in cooking or photography, so it is fun to watch how these skills constantly evolve(also should ensure you of the difficulty level of my recipes!)  But no matter how much my content evolves, it will always be dedicated to anti-diet and body positive philosophy. That means my recipes count nutrients, not calories. And I promote healthy eating for self-love, a healthy mind, glowing skin, to function at optimum levels, to look and feel amazing as you are RIGHT NOW without changing anything about your body. Because you are amazing just as you are now and your body deserves the healthiest most beautiful yummy foods as fuel. Period.

Most of my food is plant-based or vegetarian. Occasionally it includes seafood.

The picture above is me and a beloved monkey in the Monkey Forrest in Ubud – taken on our honeymoon to Bali one year ago in Fall 2015. The monkeys were sooo cute and funny!

Thanks for following along! Peace, love and superfoods. xx Mercedes

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